29 November 2010

the motor of the world

The idea that human beings could exist harmoniously, but at the same time in competition of each other's abilities, is not only wondrously desirable for the intellectual achievements it would reap [due to the constant striving of people to better themselves], but also because it is the way humanity should be. Competition and appreciation of ability separate us from each other, but at the same time keep us together in all the ways we are meant to. They keep humanity moving forward as a nation, with each separate human contributing to the whole the way he is best at or likes, and receiving according to what he has earned, not because of need or necessity.

I feel Ayn Rand slowly convincing me.

19 November 2010

good morning

- shower
- cereal
- apples
- sweaters
- Ayn Rand
- coffee
- thesis
- essay
- The Shins
- snow

09 November 2010

hello time bomb

Last week:

- Biology [mostly in relation to plant-cell functions]
- Atlas Shrugged
- A long essay on the meaning of adulthood
- Nirvana, The Doors, Sonic Youth, Brand New
- Two 3km runs with Emily
- Silence of the Lambs, Gladiator, The Omen, Spiderman
- Lana's baptism
- A new -painful- retainer
- A day with Tara

I'm trying to be more productive each day than the day before. It's working moderately well. Like I managed to turn in my science module in on time, and read a lot.

03 November 2010

in edmonton

I spent most of my day in the city. It was grand among the high-rises; chatting to mother about God and coffee and music and recent episodes of Dexter.

I love that homeschooling allows for such days. I bought a v-neck camel sweater at a mall. We stopped for lunch at a Vietnamese joint.

I also went running this morning with Emily. It was a great start to the day.

I plan to spend the rest of my evening reading Atlas Shrugged; or maybe finish watching Solyaris.

02 November 2010

Nov 2

This morning, when I came upstairs for pancakes, my ears discovered the haunting melody of a Cat Power song riding the air from my mother's kitchen. A sound so unlike the usual WOW worship 2001 album that I would not have been surprised to find that my mother had evolved into a scarf-and-TOMS-wearing bohemian. First the Stripes, and now this? Mother, I think you're heading in the right direction.