27 October 2011

I am creating a piece of art.

I have secured for myself a small square in a large mosaic mural that will be displayed on a building somewhere in my city. Two of my uncles (one of them being artist Lewis Lavoie) have set it up through their art company, Mural Mosaic. The fact that I am their niece is really the biggest factor behind my involvement in the project, but I am beyond excited. My square is 111. This is how the mural is looking so far.

I will be painting my square with Tara, a good friend, who also has a square. I am still considering what to do about mine...

23 October 2011

In case you haven't already seen it (which would be a very sad thing indeed) I suggest that you hurry and find yourself a copy of Across the Universe. It's only one of the loveliest motion pictures I've ever seen.

20 October 2011

Part of me is in Paris.

Part of me still has the Eiffel Tower in the background. 
Part of me eats at terrace cafes. 
Part of me goes to free museums. 
Part of me watches pigeons and flower boxes. 
Part of me passes monuments to Napoleon in public parks. 
Part of me eats baguettes and brie. 
Part of me feels the opera of Notre Dame.
Part of me smells expensive cigarettes.
Part of me rides rented bicycles.
Part of me crosses bridges over the Seine. 
Part of me hears gypsies play the accordion.
Part of me is an artist in Monmartre.

Part of me is French. (I like that.)

19 October 2011


vintage, violet, soft-leather heels, perfect with frocks and jeans alike
my very first pair of All Star converses
the darling grey TOMS that took me accross London, Paris, and Rome
black, leather, hipster-style boots, courtesy of Salvation Army 
brown, leather, high-top boots, courtesy of Value Village

02 October 2011

October 2

Outside, it's drizzling. The air smells of rain and freshly cut grass. We went to church this morning, after almost a decade of neglect, which served only to remind me why. Now, my dad works on the railings of the back deck. My mum plays fetch with the dogs. My sister watches piano tutorials.

I listen to The Cure and drink acai berry tea, and I am happy.