29 April 2011

a list for May

Today, a few days early, I flipped my Escher calendar page to face May. The yellow, interlocking-seahorse paradox made me feel that this month deserves my utmost attention and must not be wasted. Some goals of prevention came to mind.

- don't eat after 6:00 [a healthy habit my mother has been trying to put in place for years]
- wake up before 9:00
- run in the morning
- drink more tea
- listen to opera, like I used to
- write a good short story
- practice driving [conquer the scary highway!]
- get personal with my Elna
- start work on my grad dress [I have a flapper-style Simplicity pattern, stiff, dark blue material for the outside, and off-white, butterfly-strewn cotton for the lining]
- eat more vegetables
- finish all the books I've begun to neglect [and loathe]
- start new, fun books [very much not by Stephen King, but by E.M. Forster and Stieg Larsson]
- watch more films off the AFI 100
- wear skirts
- become re-acquainted with my Indian ink, fountain pen and parchment [what fun we used to have!]
- see more people
- continue watching 007 [they need to be watched before Bond 23 next year!]
- memorize Proverbs 3

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