30 June 2011

This is Laura's summer, ladies an' gents.

It's finally summer, everyone! HUZZAH!

My summer shall, for the most part, involve proper summer things, like finishing summer school as quickly as possible, sewing things with the Elna [I have plans to make another dress, a bag for myself, and a few much-needed pillow cases], listening to opera and The Cure, drinking copious amounts of licorice tea and cream soda, working short shifts, and knocking about with friends.

But, as you know, no summer is truly complete without movies. LOTS OF MOVIES.

Therefore, I present you with my list of the very tasteful flicks I plan to watch over these blissful couple of months:

- Evil Dead 1 - 3 [to be watched marathon-style, with plenty of junk food and friends]
- 127 Hours [I haven't actually believed people when they've told me this was good, but we shall soon see who's right...]
- What's Eating Gilbert Grape? [90's coming-of-age films about afflicted families seem very appropriate during the summer months. This one has Johnny Depp.]
- The French Connection [I needed at least one Best Picture winner on my list!]
- An Idiot Abroad [Karl Pilkington tours the Seven Wonders of the World --it's going to be hilarious!]
- 007: Goldfinger [another Bond to check off the list]
- Cry Baby [back when Johnny Depp was the the hottest!]
- True Grit [Cohen bros remake; looks promising]
- Traffic [Michael Douglas and Benecio Del Toro put on killer performances, apparently]
- Jane Eyre [the newest adaptation of one of my favorite books. It looks fantastic.]
- All That Jazz [A risqué musical!]
- The Red Shoes [Another risqué musical!]
- Sixteen Candles [another coming-of-age film, this one with Molly Ringwald in the 80's]
- Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas [yet another charming Johnny Depp film]
- Thelma & Louise [I'm totally going to round up the women of my house, sit us down with iced tea and this film, then proceed to ogle Brad Pitt in a cowboy hat]

- Star Wars: Episodes IV-VI [These were my childhood in a nutshell. Han Solo was my first on-screen crush...]
- Mr. Smith Goes to Washington [even though I didn't understand the courtroom scenes at all, I watched it over and over as a kid. I was able to appreciate Capra's cinematic genius, I guess!]
- The Little Mermaid [I liked it when I was quite young, and hadn't read Hans Christian Anderson yet]
- The Prestige [now that I know who the actors, Christopher Nolan and Nikola Tesla are, I will be able to fully appreciate it]
- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ["Oh look! It's the same actor as Hans Solo, mum! Can I watch it?" Totally not a good reason to watch this movie.]
- Robin Hood [this very well-done animated depiction of my favorite vigilante was thrilling to see back then. I can't wait to see it again!]
- Castle in the Sky [the first Hayao Miyazaki film I ever saw. Will it hold up against Nausicaa?]

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 [July 15] I AM SO EXCITED!
- The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 [November 18] LOL!
- Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [December 16] The first one was great.
- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [December 21] I doubt it will be as good as the Swedish one, since they had Noomi Rapace. But then again, we have Daniel Craig...


  1. And with Nikola Tesla being portrayed by David Bowie how could you NOT love it?!?

    Also: have you seen/considered seeing Winter's Bone and Animal Kingdom? Both excellent films.

  2. Yet another reason why I must re-watch The Prestige! Ziggy portraying Tesla is absolutely irresistible.

    I have seen Winter's Bone and it was GREAT. Thanks for the recommendation on Animal Kingdom - I will add it to the list. :)

  3. go watch traffic NOW!!!it's a must see movie, imo :)