02 November 2011


November has 30 days. From what I've seen on a couple blogs I frequent, November is a special month. Therefore, I plan to make every one of these 30 days count for something (I have been looking for an excuse to be more productive and interesting, so this is as good a reason as any!)

So far, two November days have been used up on being sick, finishing one social studies course and starting another, finishing the first season of 24, knitting practice, reluctantly going to work, listening to Caribou, and eating a lot of fruit.

But for the rest of the days in this wintry, not-quite-Christmas month, I plan to:

-  fold an origami figure a day (or, if the pattern is difficult, every second/third day)
-  paint my square of a mural mosaic
-  make four patchwork pillowcases for the couch in my room
-  knit/pearl a scarf
-  read Stephen King, Harlan Ellison, H. G. Wells, and Octavia E. Butler
-  completely scour my room, getting rid of everything I don't need
-  make Christmas cards

This is my November.

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