02 January 2012

ring out the old

New experiences, too many films, legal alcohol intake, a trip to Europe, graduation from childhood, not enough books, a new job, Harry Potter, and a renewed interest in art has come of 2011. Though I have bigger, better, more productive plans for the New Year, I think that this last one has not been totally wasted. Highlights, anyone?

- 29 books
- 273 films
- 6 tv shows
- 3 colds
- 4 concerts

- Got a job as an aquatics instructor
- Read all of Harry Potter (finally!)
- Graduated from high school
- Turned 18
- Got my ears pierced (at last!)
- Underwent some serious driving practice
- Uncharacteristically purchased an iPod

- 3rd year as props coordinator of Love According to John
- Went on a 13 day tour of London, Paris, and Rome
- Saw a rowdy show at the Avenue Theater
- Went to HeLa Ventures summer camp near Rocky Mountain House (where I scaled a mountain, repelled off a cliff, and white-water canoed down the Saskatchewan River)
- Strolled down the Whyte Avenue Art Walk

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