24 April 2012

a summer list

This summer has got to be as excellent as possible. I have had no freedom to do anything I want for the past several months, so I simply must make up for it in the summertime. I need to:

- go to the Art Walk on Whyte Ave
- go see The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man on the big screen
- take Lana to Shakespeare in the Park
- plan and put together a summer dress
- play Portal (on the cold days, obviously)

- have sushi with multiple people
- go see The Bourne Legacy on the big screen
- visit the zoo with friends
- bake a loaf of bread from scratch (using this book)
- hold an uproarious movie marathon
- plan and put together a satchel, pillow cases, and curtains
- visit Fort Edmonton


  1. I need to make one of these lists tonight.

    Also: Want to do some bread-baking together, as well? I'm just starting to learn about sourdough.