02 January 2014

for old time's sake

[exerpt from Laura's journal, December 9, 2013]

The year is closing off. It's time to reflect on what's been accomplished. I:

Became a lifeguard and CSCTA certified coach at the end of the summer--simultaneously. Climbed a mountain (and drank tea at the top). Partisipated in a research project with the University of Alberta. Found two of the sexiest dresses ever concieved for a combined total of $50. Adventured into the wilderness and made camp by a waterfall. Blacked out on a bottle of whiskey. Learned how to bind books. Learned how to kiss. Memorized The Raven. Purchased a really nice road bike (her name is Charlotte). Strengthened old friendships; established new ones. Discovered lipstick (properly this time). Started playing the guitar more. Re-read 1984. Earned myself a hella fine tan. Went to numerous festivals (Chelsea always knows about these things, it's great). Saw Tegan & Sara live (it's always secretly flattering to be mistaken as Lizzie's girlfriend). Successfully built a loaf of bread from scratch more than once. Completed a sprint-length triathlon. Purchased real, girlish underwear (no more boxer briefs!) Went to New York. Successfully kept a super cool bloke around for a full year (I like him a LOT--he must like me, too!) Accidentally played "matchmaker" to a highly successful end (hello, Tara). Ran a 10km race in Banff alongside my mum. Got day drunk a lot. Horribly killed a home-grown butterfly by accident. Held a pheasant as it died (then paid to get it stuffed). Started wearing colours; started wearing my hair down.

So basically lots of things. Farewell, twenty-thirteen! Life is kind of brilliant, I have to face it.

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