31 December 2010

Adieu, 2010!

It is with satisfaction that I shake the dust of 2010 off my feet to tread on the clean calendar squares of a fresh year. These past 12 months have contained some of the worst and best moments of my life, which included a lot of wasted time, and I am glad to see them end. Though 2010 will not be a year I forget, it is a year I do not want to repeat.

So, with production in mind, I list these goals for the last months of winter and first months of 2011:

I want to...
- look more like a girl
- purchase leather shoes
- read over 3 books a month
- practice driving through snow
- pierce [and stretch] my ears
- complete the Lifeguard Training course
- take over stage right props at Love According to John, again
- take a Latin course
- add Math 10 and Biology 20 to my Alberta Diploma
- read the Bible
- watch less than 3 films a week
- start working on my abs
- research the JFK assassination
- swim more often
- write out a resume
- be around people more --perhaps even make friends?
- discover new music
- attend to myself with more diligence
- take up my long-abandoned journal writing
- get up to 30 push-ups, again

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