10 December 2010


" [Senor Rodrigo Gonzales] had a fat, blank face and the eyes of a killer. Watching him at tonight's reception, [James] Taggart had concluded that the man was impervious to any sort of feeling, he looked as though a knife could slash, unnoticed, through his pendulous layers of flesh- except that there was a lewd, almost sexual relish in the way he rubbed his feet against the rich pile of his Persian rugs, or patted the polish arm of his chair, or folded his lips about a cigar. " - Chapter IV, Atlas Shrugged

If I could accomplish just one thing as a writer, it would be to describe faces, feelings, personalities and dispositions with as much eloquence, exactness, and perfect charm as Ayn Rand.


  1. It is! I love her style; even if her message can be... misconstrued, at times. I'm actually relishing these last 200 pages.