10 March 2014

sometimes, rap is really great


Ladies! La-La-Ladies!
Ladies! La-La-Ladies!

Yo, bad business a hundred million--wait, wait:
Mike says this should be a song about women.
But then he said he don't know any women.
I told him, "Yo, I know, like, seven women!"

I know women, they like to go swimming;
They like to drink tea,
They like to think in the cool breeze
From the East on the beach, or the West.
Yo women? They the best.

A-yo, I think women really like diamonds.
Yo, I think they don't usually like violence.
They like to roll they eyes when I tell 'em I be rhyming--
Broken dreams yo, broken hymen.
I just want to burn a spliff and eat Thai, man!
When I holler at them, they say it's bad timing.

They smell great, I think about 'em real late,
They're better than steak, or high stakes
Poker. Yo women? They're loca.

They're sometimes Spanish.

When it's real late at the club they vanish
With dudes after I warm 'em up with great jokes.
They're the great hope, they're very dope;
Sometimes they like to smoke.
Sometimes, they drink drinks with the little umbrellas in 'em.
Sometimes, women is venom.

But sometimes women is like the best flower.
Yo women? Yo, they got the power!
Yo women? They like to take showers,
And when they let you take 'em with them it's really awesome.
Women used to watch Dawson's Creek,
And they used to watch 90210. They like to watch shows;
Some of them don't, they like to read prose.
Some of them like to date pros (that's professionals).
Other's don't,
They like to date, maybe, artists.

Some women are bad and some are harmless.
Women, you see, they got the harness,
And they can harness all this power that they garnish.
Women like to watch You've Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.
Women, you're great, on behalf of men, "Thanks!"
I'm glad to be a part of your ranks--
If you accept me, women.


(My one piece of advice to you all, is to listen to more Heems. Like this.)

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