08 September 2010

School Resolutions

I hate that last week I was so excited for school to start, only to find that when it finally did, I became listless and bemoaned over it. This kind of attitude is of a nature which I utterly detest in other people and therefore refuse to allow in myself. I want to get rid of it as completely and quickly as possible. I've allowed in myself for long enough! These are some of the things which I know are the cause:

> Lack of exercise [especially since swimming ended]
> Lack of sleep [late night writing/reading in my room]
> Not eating well [large portions of calorie-ridden food]
> Lack of motivation [I tell myself there'll be 'lots of time later']
> Distractions [other projects I want work on, films I want to see, social engagements, etc]
> Lack of focus

These are all awful, and typical, reasons for my lack of vigor for schoolwork. To break them, I went to bed at 10:30 instead of 12:00 last night, ate spinach and grapes for supper and ran in the field with my dogs. This morning I forced myself to write an essay [not great, but it's practice.] I feel a little better. I plan to carry this trend into the following weeks.

I really want to start acting like an adult; especially now that I've started doing adult things and have been put in adult situations. I've decided not to resist driving practice, to make myself write or compute equations or read science, to talk to people civilly and properly without as much childish stammering or blurting and to work first, play later. There are things to be done, and being a useless, unproductive blob is not an option.

I'm going to succeed! I just need a winning attitude. Wish me luck on my endeavors to gain one!

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