22 September 2010

So wearing chunks of flayed cow is "in" now?

I grieve the day we became so desensitized that getting real attention from the public has less to do with real talent and more to do with real meat hanging off your body.

Lady Gaga's newest dress is not only powerfully shocking, but is probably the only dress I've ever seen that can induce both projectile vomiting and E. Coli symptoms in the same instant.

I have to give it to her, though: she does know how to get people going. I mean, my eyes nearly hopped from my head towards the nearest ice pick when I saw it. Congratulations, Gaga. You've officially invented the grossest outfit ever.

[Of course, once she decides to gut her ex-boyfriend and arrange his entrails over her critical areas, this stunt will fade from 'horrifyingly disgusting' into the realm of 'mildly edgy': taking with it my last shred of faith in humanity. Now, please excuse me while my stomach commits suicide in protest and I die.]

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